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Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units with the latest technologies, compact footprint, versatile configurations, and high efficiency which are available in direct expansion, free cooling and/or water source

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Datatech /PFW

Computer Room Air Conditioners with single or dual extended chilled water coil and separated fan section

70 to 260 kW

General Information

Datatech PFW represents the power and efficiency in air conditioning units for large computer rooms. The maximisation of the heat exchange surface, the separated fan section housed under the raised floor and the advanced control logic make Datatech PFW the ideal solution for various data centre layouts. 

Key advantages

  • high sensible cooling per square meter of footprint

  • exceptionally high efficiency of EC motor driven plastic impeller radial fans

  • wide range of cooling capacities

  • configurable, precise and flexible control of fan speed and chilled water valve

  • dual coil and dual power supply options for redundancy applications

  • exhaustive list of options (electrical heaters, humidifier, condensate pump, BMS interface cards)

  • easy installation of 2 prewired sections

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