Low GWP Range

A new generation of high efficiency chillers, reversible heat pumps and 4-pipe multifunctional unit with scroll or screw compressors and extensive range with low GWP 

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Blue Box // Low GWP Range // Chiller & Heat Pump Scroll Compressors

Zeta Sky Chiller and Heat Pump

High efficiency chillers and reversible units with extended range and versatile applications

30 to 240 kW


SLN: super low noise

/HP: reversible heat pump

/LN: low noise

Key advantages

  • available in refrigerants:

    • R454B (GWP<500)

    • R32 (GWP<700)

  • chiller with low refrigerant charge

  • intelligent management of defrost cycles: Anti-ice Circuit

  • night shift function for noise control (option)

  • BlueThink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic function and Blueye® supervision system (options)

  • flowzer: inverter driven pumps (options)

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