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Eurothermal is a distributor of leading air conditioning and heating products manufactured in Italy and Germany to the HVAC market in Australia and New Zealand.

Our key priority is to provide the most efficient, highly reliable, and environmentally friendly products to our customers. Whether it's a heating or a cooling solution, we always ensure our customers' long-term satisfaction. 

Green Roofs


BlueBox was founded in 1986 in North East Italy, an industrial area that specialises in cooling business. They have quickly become one of the top European companies in the chillers and heat pumps industry as they offer innovative and highly efficient products with capacity range of up to 2,000 kW to over 35 countries worldwide.


BlueBox is a pioneer for developing products for the commercial and industrial cooling, and technological and data cooling that bring cost-effective solutions to the market.

In 2008, BlueBox opened a 25,000-sqm facility in Cantarana di Cona in Venice, Italy as their headquarters. Since 2010, BlueBox has been part of the Swedish multinational group, Swegon AB. In 2020, BlueBox has expanded its range of HFO refrigerants providing solutions with low GWP for all applications.

Quantum is a German manufacturer recognised for their competence in the areas of industrial refrigeration facilities and technical refrigeration components. They offer impressive solutions using highly efficient oil-free magnetic bearing compressors with cooling capacity range reaching up to 10,500 kW water cooled and 2,000 kW air cooled, and CO2 heat pumps reaching up to 1,500 kW of high temperature hot water.

Quantum products combine world-class engineering with unbeatable technology and efficiency that can be individually customised to meet refrigeration requirements. 


Their sophisticated technology, technical expertise, and vessels design have proven Quantum chillers’ reliability and efficiency as they continue to be at the forefront of developing refrigeration solution.

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