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Space is Not a Problem



Four Seasons Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in Sydney CBD right next to Circular Quay. In 2017, the hotel refurbished its water chiller plant requiring a cooling capacity of 1.8 MW. To be installed on the 35th floor, the lift’s dimension and weight capacity challenged the capabilities of our machines. Although the use of crane could be a solution, this would incur additional costs and disruptions for the hotel. Instead, we chose to develop a customised ultra-compact chiller meeting beyond the efficiency target.


We were able to produce and develop two ultra-short W110-E2G-SO-US Quantum chillers. Each has two semi-hermetic oil-free turbo compressors working on a single circuit with a cooling capacity of 900KW. Thanks to the single refrigerant circuit and the open flash economiser, the chiller is able to guarantee very high efficiency at low load and at full load as well, achieving an outstanding IPLV close to 11. When disassembled, the exchangers were shorter than 2 meters and lighter than 1,300 kg.


By reducing the length of the machine, special designed vessels were installed housing a higher quantity of exchanger pipes. The correct proportion of length and diameter allowed the components to perfectly fit given the lift’s limitations.


Upon delivery of the machines to the base site, they were disassembled into parts which then seamlessly fit into the lift. On the 35th floor, the parts were reassembled in the plant room and then successfully installed.


As a leading supplier of HVAC equipment, this project displayed our ability to re-engineer and develop complex custom-built products that exceeded customer expectations. We are committed to delivering only the most efficient products to ensure our customer’s long-term satisfaction.


Zero Waste



The Repatriation Centre is a central location for rehabilitation and community services in Hobart, Tasmania. For many years, they have been heavily dependent on gas-operated boilers that supply hot water to the entire building. However, with gas prices increasing sharply in the recent years, the centre has decided to replace their gas-operated boilers and air conditioning system with more cost-effective electrically powered machines.

Our company offers multifunctional 4-pipe air-cooled chillers that can simultaneously and independently produce cold and hot water and a heat pump that further increases the hot water temperature for domestic usage.


Our team has proposed to install two multifunctional OMICRON Rev S4 26.4 HE LN air-cooled chillers capable of producing cold water at 6 to 12 C and hot water at 40 to 45 C independently with a COP higher than 3. When heating and cooling are requested simultaneously, the lowest load is provided for free from the chiller and the system reaches a combined TER  (Total Efficiency Ratio) of  7.3. The OMICRON chillers range goes from 30 to 900 kW.

To fully replace the boilers, part of the hot water released from the air-cooled chillers goes into the TETRIS W Rev OH HWT 7.2 LN (R134a), a heat pump specifically designed for high temperature water production that increases the temperature to up to 70 C. The higher temperature hot water serves the sanitary use building demand while the cold and hot water produced from the air cooled chillers flow directly into the entire installation and terminal units for comfort purposes.


The HFO Revolution



With the phase-down of the HFC refrigerants and the ecological appeal after years damaging the ecosystem in different ways, it became essential to find solutions for air condition systems with high efficiency and ecological footprint. 

The management team at South Western Sydney Health District led by Ashwin Singh, the District Engineer, was faced with the task of replacing ageing central cooling plant equipment at 4 hospitals in their region. The chillers were well and truly at the end of life stage.


Aiming new technologies and high levels of efficiency, the hospitals, together with DSA Consulting, a trusted Sydney-based mechanical engineering company, selected the best equipment for the job. After an exhaustive tender analysis,  the decision to select the QUANTUM Oil-free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers using an HFO refrigerant for this project was made.

The Solution involves chillers with COPs higher than 6.0 and IPLVs higher than 10.50 providing excellent full and partial loads efficiencies with multiple compressors and large redundancy. Maintaining existing electrical supplies was a must on this project and high efficiency QUANTUM chillers with 5Amps low inrush current on start-ups were the solution. The use of HFO1234ze was the choice in order to meet government commitments of the Paris accord and to meet the criteria for choosing a long-term refrigerant with Zero ODP and GWP<1.

In total, 11 water cooled QUANTUM high efficiency oil-free magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers with GWP<1 have been installed and are operating very efficiently and reliably across  Liverpool,  Camden, Bankstown, and Fairfield Hospitals. With 16.5MW of cooling capacity installed, this is one of the largest HFO installations in Australia. 


As a distributor of QUANTUM Oil-Free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers, we were able to work with the chiller manufacturer (Engie Refrigeration in Lindau, Germany) to ensure chiller deliveries were able to meet the stringent delivery requirements. Several possibilities and solutions were submitted to the DSA consulting team evaluation who developed the best configuration that suits the hospitals and the high requirements of this project.


Flexibility is the Key


St. Luke’s Hospital, located in Potts Point NSW, is a private hospital built by St. Luke’s Care, a non-profit independent health care organisation serving the community for just over a hundred years. The hospital offers surgical ward, inpatient rehabilitation ward, as well as paediatric services to children.

To continue providing premium services to the community, one of their projects was the upgrade of their water cooling and heating system. The access to their main plant room was through a small removable louvre from the façade. The hospital facility had no room for any major structural modifications. We, at Eurothermal, were able to adapt to this tight access space situation despite the short lead time and background noise limitations.


Working together with our skilled mechanical contractor engineering team, we were able to create a custom plug and play solution with pump on board to fit in the 6 BlueBox chillers (3x Beta Rev RFE LN 13.2, 2x Beta Rev RFE LN 12.2 and 1x Omicron Rev S4 HE LN 18.4) into the dedicated space. The ceiling height of the hospital’s plant room was lower than usual. To address this, our technical manager and R&D team custom built a very low with removable centrifugal VSD fan section.

These chillers were designed to boost the overall efficiency of the system with a multifunctional operation capable of preheating domestic water  and producing technical cold water simultaneously and independently.


Prior to the delivery, the 6 cooling only chiller fan sections were disassembled. A special lifting method to fit in the chillers was necessary to ensure millimetric precision. After the chillers were carefully positioned, the fan sections and attenuator were installed to reduce the overall noise of the system.

The only suitable time for the installation during the Australian summer was at night time. Hence, flexibility and problem solving skills were critical. Undoubtedly, with our expertise in commissioning, we were able to coordinate all the timings relating to the production and installation of the chillers.

This project once again demonstrated our ability to re-engineer and develop highly reliable products. Problem solving, combined with decades of experience, is one of our greatest strengths.


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