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COR Variable Water Valve Kit

The true alternative to traditional water and VRF system; COR reduces the material and installation costs by converting a 4-pipe into a 2-pipe distribution system without losing the autonomy of having two independent cold and hot circuits

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Blue Box // COR Variable Water Valve Kit

COR and COR Synergy

A hydronic heat recovery HVAC system

Key advantages

  • converts a 4-pipe system to a 2-pipe, allowing for simultaneous heating and cooling

  • contains all controls and valves in a single entity

  • controls flow rate to individual fan coils based on actual demand

  • flexible installation options, allowing for it to be installed vertically or horizontally

  • simplified control and wiring

  • installation material and labour cost savings

  • easy maintenance as all main valves and controls are external to the fan coils

  • only requires 2 pipe fan coils, saving on space and cost

COR synergy
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