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Four Seasons Hotel

Space is not a problem

Case Studies // Four Seasons Hotel


Four Seasons Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in Sydney CBD right next to Circular Quay. In 2017, the hotel refurbished its water chiller plant requiring a cooling capacity of 1.8 MW.


To be installed on the 35th floor, the lift’s dimension and weight capacity challenged the capabilities of our machines. Although the use of crane could be a solution, this would incur additional costs and disruptions for the hotel. Instead, we chose to develop a customised ultra-compact chiller meeting beyond the efficiency target.


We were able to produce and develop two ultra-short W110-E2G-SO-US Quantum chillers. Each has two semi-hermetic oil-free turbo compressors working on a single circuit with a cooling capacity of 900KW. Thanks to the single refrigerant circuit and the open flash economiser, the chiller is able to guarantee very high efficiency at low load and at full load as well, achieving an outstanding IPLV close to 11. When disassembled, the exchangers were shorter than 2 meters and lighter than 1,300 kg.


By reducing the length of the machine, special designed vessels were installed housing a higher quantity of exchanger pipes. The correct proportion of length and diameter allowed the components to perfectly fit given the lift’s limitations.


Upon delivery of the machines to the base site, they were disassembled into parts which then seamlessly fit into the lift. On the 35th floor, the parts were reassembled in the plant room and then successfully installed.


As a leading supplier of HVAC equipment, this project displayed our ability to re-engineer and develop complex custom-built products that exceeded customer expectations. We are committed to delivering only the most efficient products to ensure our customer’s long-term satisfaction.

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