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Repatriation Centre

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Case Studies // Repatriation Centre


The Repatriation Centre is a central location for rehabilitation and community services in Hobart, Tasmania. For many years, they have been heavily dependent on gas-operated boilers that supply hot water to the entire building. However, with gas prices increasing sharply in the recent years, the centre has decided to replace their gas-operated boilers and air conditioning system with more cost-effective electrically powered machines.

Our company offers multifunctional 4-pipe air-cooled chillers that can simultaneously and independently produce cold and hot water and a heat pump that further increases the hot water temperature for domestic usage.


Our team proposed to install two multifunctional OMICRON Rev S4 26.4 HE LN air cooled chillers capable of producing cold water at 6 to 12 C and hot water at 40 to 45 C independently with a COP higher than 3. When heating and cooling are requested simultaneously, the lowest load is provided for free from the chiller and the system reaches a combined TER  (Total Efficiency Ratio) of  7.3. The OMICRON chillers range goes from 30 to 900 kW.​

​To fully replace the boilers, part of the hot water released from the air cooled chillers goes into the TETRIS W Rev OH HWT 7.2 LN (R134a), a heat pump specifically designed for high temperature water production that increases the temperature to up to 70 C. The higher temperature hot water serves the sanitary use building demand while the cold and hot water produced from the air cooled chillers flow directly into the entire installation and terminal units for comfort purposes.


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