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St. Luke's Hospital

Flexibility is the key

Case Studies // St. Luke's Hospital


St. Luke’s Hospital, located in Potts Point NSW, is a private hospital built by St. Luke’s Care, a non-profit independent health care organisation serving the community for just over a hundred years. The hospital offers surgical ward, inpatient rehabilitation ward, as well as paediatric services to children.

To continue providing premium services to the community, one of their projects was the upgrade of their water cooling and heating system. The access to their main plant room was through a small removable louvre from the façade. The hospital facility had no room for any major structural modifications. We, at Eurothermal, were able to adapt to this tight access space situation despite the short lead time and background noise limitations.


Working together with our skilled mechanical contractor engineering team, we were able to create a custom plug and play solution with pump on board to fit in the 6 BlueBox chillers (3x Beta Rev RFE LN 13.2, 2x Beta Rev RFE LN 12.2 and 1x Omicron Rev S4 HE LN 18.4) into the dedicated space. The ceiling height of the hospital’s plant room was lower than usual. To address this, our technical manager and R&D team custom built a very low with removable centrifugal VSD fan section.

These chillers were designed to boost the overall efficiency of the system with a multifunctional operation capable of preheating domestic water  and producing technical cold water simultaneously and independently.


Prior to the delivery, the 6 cooling only chiller fan sections were disassembled. A special lifting method to fit in the chillers was necessary to ensure millimetric precision. After the chillers were carefully positioned, the fan sections and attenuator were installed to reduce the overall noise of the system.

The only suitable time for the installation during the Australian summer was at night time. Hence, flexibility and problem solving skills were critical. Undoubtedly, with our expertise in commissioning, we were able to coordinate all the timings relating to the production and installation of the chillers.

This project once again demonstrated our ability to re-engineer and develop highly reliable products. Problem solving, combined with decades of experience, is one of our greatest strengths.

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