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Low GWP Range

Air and water cooled chillers designed to operate with the refrigerant of the future having very low GWP refrigerants that do not compromise efficiency in full or part loads

Quantum // Low GWP Range // Air Cooled

Air Cooled

Air cooled chillers that utilise magnetic oil free compressors

220 to 1,900 kW


LN: low noise available

FC: free cooling modules can be integrated in the same device length

Key advantages

  • available in refrigerants:

    • R​513A (GWP=573)

    • R​515B (GWP=299)

    • R1234Ze 200 to 6,000 kW (GWP<1)

  • equipped with oil free compressors, super quieter EC fans, open flash economiser and generous condenser coils maximising efficiency

  • these units achieve COPs above 4.00

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