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IT Cooling Units

Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units with the latest technologies, compact footprint, versatile configurations, and high efficiency which are available in direct expansion, free cooling and/or water source

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Coolblade in Rack

Specifically designed to sit inside different rack frames and match both Open or Closed Loop Application

8 to 30 kW

General Information

The high value of the cooling power developed compared with the minimum floor area occupied makes these units especially suited to sit inside different racks design both in Open (In Row) and Closed Loop version.


  • CW version with water on coil (chilled water)

  • DX/ED version with refrigerant on coil (direct expansion)

  • Inverter (VSD)

  • EC fans


Key advantages

  • extremely compact design to fit inside any 42U

  • flexible application (chilled water and direct expansion version

  • flexible installation (top and bottom connections, top and lateral unit handling)

  • designed for a simple and easy maintenance

  • extremely efficient design with minimum air side pressure drop

  • large accessories range

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