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Air Cooled Heat Pumps

A generation of high efficiency reversible heat pumps with screw & scroll compressors created to meet the needs of commercial and industrial sectors

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Blue Box // Air Cooled Heat Pumps // Kappa Rev HP

Kappa Rev HP

Modular chillers and reversible units for large systems; wide range: high efficiency multiple combinations and low noise versions

296 to 1,983 kW


HE: high efficiency

/HP: reversible heat pump

/HAT: for high external air temperature

/HWT: for production of high temperature water

SLN: super low noise

/LN: low noise

/DS: with desuperheater

/DC: with total recovery

Key advantages

  • chiller with low refrigerant charge

  • extended operating limits: down to ambient -20°C, and up to ambient +50°C with HAT configuration

  • intelligent management of defrost cycles: Anti-ice Circuit

  • NightShift function for noise control (option)

  • dual power supply with automatic switching (option)

  • Fast Restart function (option)

  • BlueThink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic function and Blueye® supervision system (options)

  • flowzer: inverter driven pumps (options)

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