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Air Cooled Chillers

A generation of high efficiency chillers with screw & scroll compressors created to meet the needs of commercial and industrial sectors

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Blue Box // Air Cooled Chillers // Kappa Sky

Kappa Sky

Modular air source chillers for large systems; inverter-driven screw compressors

260 to 1,360 kW


Xi: high efficiency, unit with full inverter compressors

Xh: high efficiency, unit with hybrid compressors

Si: compact dimensions, unit with full inverter compressors

Sh: compact dimensions, unit with hybrid compressors

/LN: low noise version

SLN: super low noise version

/HAT: for high external air temperature

/DS: featuring a desuperheater

/DC: with total recovery

Key advantages

  • high efficiency and compact dimensions

  • non-flammable refrigerant R513A, with GWP=573

  • versatile application: water temperature up to 23°C. Operation in a wide range of environmental conditions

  • reduced noise levels, low noise and super low noise versions

  • BlueThink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic function and Blueye® supervision system (options)

  • flowzer: energy optimization on water side (options)  

  • conforming with Ecodesign Reg. 2281 tier 2

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