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Water Cooled Chillers and

Heat Pumps

Water cooled chillers and heat pumps with semi-hermetic screw compressors and shell & tube heat exchangers designed for indoor installations

Blue Box // Water Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps // Tetris W High Water Temp

Tetris W High Water Temp

Water to water heat pumps designed for geothermal applications or water temperature booster to be combined in series with a hot water source such as heat pump or 4-pipe

10 to 700 kW


OH: non-reversible heat pump

HWT: very hot water temperature (up to 80°C)

Refrigerant: R410a for geothermal and R134a for water temperature booster

Key advantages

  • very compact unit

  • high water temperature

  • BlueThink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic function and Blueye® supervision system (options)

high water temperature
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